Life Coaching – how can it help?

Have you ever wondered exactly why you would benefit from working with a life coach?

One of the best parts of coaching is catching up with clients to find out how things are going for them, and the difference coaching makes to their life.

I recently received a wonderful testimonial from a client I worked with last year; her list of accomplishments is phenomenal!

“As promised, here’s the list of all the changes that the programme of life coaching has helped me make:

I applied for promotion and was successful! I’m now an associate professor!

Before coming to life coaching, I was frustrated that I didn’t feel I had a way of expressing myself intellectually and creatively. Over the last year, I have developed a big project working with some really interesting people, for which I will apply for funding (but I have faith that some of the project will happen regardless of securing this funding). This was the result of a visualisation exercise we did, which helped me to think creatively about what I would want to do in an ideal world and this project is very close to my dream! (fingers crossed I get funding for this). I have also been better at asking people for what I need to help this happen, including asking people to commit to being involved (which involved them writing letters of support) and to read my proposal to help make it as best as possible. This was noticed by our department administrator.

I feel more secure in what I’m doing and worry less about how I compare to others. It doesn’t matter to me if someone has a better career than me provided I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

I passed my driving test over 10 years ago and hadn’t driven at all (apart from one occassion that reinforced the feeling that I shouldn’t drive). Since life coaching, I have started driving and I enjoy it. I no longer see this as something I shouldn’t be doing and I find it easier to move on after making mistakes. I am already a much much better and more confident driver. This has made my life much easier!

I used to be frustrated that I didn’t seem to get the same opportunities as other people. Life coaching helped me to take seriously that idea of making your own luck and asking people for what I need and want (within reason) rather than waiting to be noticed. I contacted the editor of a journal to see if they would commission an article on poetry and they said yes! This is a really nice moment for me.

I’ve lost a stone in weight after radically changing my diet and feel generally more healthy. How this happened was the result of not hating my body but instead wanting to stop punishing myself by eating poorly.

I’ve developed a better support network including a local physiotherapist, sports massage, dentist (I hadn’t been to the dentist for 6-7 years). I also get my hair cut more frequently (now 2 times per year, when previously it was more like once at a push)

I have become better at creating boundaries between work and home including taking fridays to work from home. I also have a much more balanced life (although there is still room for improvement!). My partner and I have started exploring the peak district by going walking after work (usually on a friday). 

I don’t shy away from having intellectual conversations with others (I used to avoid such conversations or turn them away from the intellectual content).

I’m also better at walking away from conversations that aren’t working for me (for instance, situations where I am being excluded — I used to stay around and get frustrated, I now move on to talk to someone else when this happens).

I have improved my confidence as a teacher — rather than spend my time concerned with whether or not the students are enjoying it, I instead enjoy what we are discussing, which has had a positive impact on them!

I really am amazed at what a difference it has made to my life and I struggle to remember what I was like before but I do know that I found it hard to do things for me, I was working too much (including evenings and weekends), which had really started to affect my friends and family, I struggled to concentrate and wasn’t very productive (which led to feeling even more stressed). 

I have struggled with depression, stress and low self esteem for much of my adult life. Life coaching with you has made the biggest impact so far. Unlike with counselling, I looked forward to each appointment and came out of each feeling stronger than before.”

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