Privacy & Cookie Policies

Privacy Policy

I’m pretty keen on the whole idea of GDPR (see cookie policy below). I want to know that any information about me is being kept safe and not used for nefarious or marketing purposes; you should be afforded the same consideration.

I collect your relevant information through email and booking forms. This information includes your ‘personal data’ (name, contact details etc.) and also ‘special categories of personal data’, such as medical and health issues.

I use this information as it is necessary to help me to provide the best service possible to you.

Any third party site that I use to collect data (bookwhen, acuity, dubsado etc.) is also GDPR compliant so that you know your information is always safe.

I will not share any of this information without your knowledge and consent, also taking into consideration my code of confidentiality. It will never be used for third party marketing purposes.

Following the guidelines from my various Voluntary Regulatory Bodies (General Hypnotherapy Register; Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and my insurance company (Balens), I keep your records safely and in good condition for 8 years after your last appointment with me (or if the client is a child, until his or her 25thbirthday).

You have the right to complain to the ICO if you think that there is a problem with the way I am handling your data.

You have the right to request that I share with you any information I have about you. I will provide it if you request this; it is all the information you already gave me so of course you can have a copy.

I am registered as a data controller with the ICO.

Cookie Policy

I’ll be honest, I’m not even sure what a cookie is. My favourite cookies are chocolate chip – I’m a pretty basic sort of a person. When they’re to do with computers, I think it is something about tracking your data for something. So, it makes sense that we all know what our data is being used for; it’s more honest and open.

I have done the necessary compliance checks, and this website is compliant with General Data Protection Regulations. I am sure you are as relieved as I am to read that.