Group Coaching

Coaching in groups is a wonderful alternative to individual sessions. It provides a safe and supportive space where we will focus on deepening awareness around key issues, setting intentions and taking action, and accountability.

In carefully facilitated discussions that follow the One of Many 12 week programme, the Calmer, Happier Families programme or my 6 week Empowered Menopause programme, you will get a wonderful dynamic of peer support; it is great to tap into the collective wisdom of others. This ‘peer learning’ is an important part of the process; often people find this puts them less ‘on the spot’ than individual sessions. There is plenty of time to reflect on what has been discussed, so that you can apply your new knowledge to make changes in your life .

You will learn many tools and techniques that you can apply to your life in between the sessions, and the group holds each other accountable for implementing these.

What to expect: Before the sessions start, we will have an individual phone call to really set your intentions for what you want to achieve from the programme. During each session we will allow time for reflection and learning new ways of thinking, doing and being – I advise you to get yourself a beautiful journal to write down your thoughts and ideas. We will support each other, check in on intentions from the previous weeks, and set new intentions for the coming weeks. You will also be provided with materials for thought and reflection in between the sessions.

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