Every journey starts with small steps

How is your post-natal body doing?

Mine is fine. 

Well, I say ‘fine’. It has been 9 years since my second c-section birth. My body is doing okay. I can do most things I want my body to do. I don’t usually leak, my pelvic floor is okay.

I have known for a long time – well, probably 9 years! – that my body is only just ‘fine’. My c-section scar has continued to be a little sensitive and sore when touched; so I just don’t touch it. My core strength has never been great; I’m strong in my upper body and that has always allowed me to get away with not using my core muscles properly. That has only got worse with two c-sections. I get niggles in my lower back, hips, knees and ankles, especially when I try to implement a proper running routine. In fact, my knees and ankles always start to hurt or get injured every time I get back to a proper exercise routine, but it’s fine.

Until I decided it is no longer fine. I actually don’t have to put up with those niggles. I deserve to feel better than ‘fine’. I deserve to feel great! My body is amazing – it has done amazing things and taken me to amazing places. And I want to maintain fitness and strength as I navigate these menopausal years and beyond.

For many years now, I have been recommending Libby Phillips, a local chiropractor at S1 Chiropractic, who specialises in pre- and post-natal work. I know she is great because so many of my colleagues, acquaintances, friends and clients have recommended her, so I recommend her in turn to my clients.

Finally, I thought, ‘What about me?’ This summer, I decided to focus on my physical health with the aim of getting beyond ‘fine’, to a place of ‘really good’.

I realised I needed to go back to basics, so I decided to try out the Mutu system. I am loving it; I love the fact I can fit the exercises in around everything else, and it builds up slowly so I can create better habits as I go along, instead of trying to make huge, overwhelming changes all at once. I can keep track of it all online, and get the motivation from seeing it all building up.

Finally, I also booked in to see Libby – and she really is great. Even after the first session I started to feel so much better. Many of my questions about the little niggles over the years were explained. The treatments, alongside the Mutu core exercises, and those that she has recommended are really helping me to feel so much better on a really basic level. I honestly can’t recommend her enough!

But there are two things going on here: firstly, my willingness to spend the time, energy and money on myself – in really prioritising sorting out my health and seeking out Libby’s expertise to support me. But the second, equally important thing, is for me to keep investing the time and energy to prioritise the exercises and little adjustments I need to make in order for this to really be successful; for me to really make sustainable and long lasting change.

Of course, the first couple of days were great – I did the exercises without fail, really kept noticing what my body was doing, and what it should be doing and making those adjustments. 

Then it all started to slip a bit.

Having Libby to reassure me that it is all okay, and that changing habits does take a long time, is priceless. She believes I’m worth it, and it helps me to believe I’m worth it! I keep taking these small steps, with my eye on the bigger picture, and the future where I don’t have to have painful hips and knees. 

But I need to keep doing it. Every day. And that feels great! Keeping my physical health in the forefront of my mind feels wonderful. It doesn’t have to be for ever. It won’t be forever. Pretty soon, if I keep going, all these things will become my new habits; my new way of being. They won’t require the energy needed right now to make sure they become new habits.

As a coach, this is what I want to offer you. I know you are fine just as you are. I know you want to make changes to be that bit better at being who you are. 

When you come on a retreat with me; work with me online or face to face; in groups or as individuals; I know you feel good in that moment. It then requires effort from you to keep with it, to keep the focus on yourself while you make those changes that become your new habits.

Watch out for all the new ways I will be supporting you taking those tiny steps – so you can make small, manageable changes without the overwhelm!

Keep going, beautiful souls. 

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