Finishing Things

I’ve done a Thing. In fact, I have done two Things!

I had a great session with my coach this morning; I have noticed that I have a real problem finishing things. I’ve really been beating myself up over it, seeing it as a character flaw, something that really holds me back.

My coach helped me to reframe it – I’m really good at starting things, as I have great ideas and enthusiasm. If I’m struggling to finish something – then reach out for help. Find someone who can help me to finish it. Identify what the block is, and take action to get over it.

This is fantastic!

I have found someone to finish one Thing for me – it needs someone with a greater flair for design than me. I am so glad to hand that job over to someone who will not only do it better than me, but also will enjoy it more than me. That’s collaboration! That is working to one’s strengths. And I am loving that feeling of handing it over to a safe and competent pair of hands.

I have also pushed on through past some tech stuff that I find tricky to finish another Thing. Here it is; it’s my brand new shiny quiz and I absolutely love it – I hope you do too!

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