Ego, sit down and be quiet!

Has your ego ever got in your way; stopped you from doing something, even if you know it would be good for you?

Mine has. Probably many times.

I’m a bit better at noticing it now, though.

I like running. I can be quite competitive. These are two things about me that make me, me. I’m also getting older, and keep getting physical niggles. Yeah, running and being competitive probably aren’t such a great combo!

Earlier this year, every time I went for a run my knee kept hurting. Really, really hurting. I hadn’t been running for a bit, just due to time pressures and being busy with other stuff. I’d start again, immediately run in the way I know I can (there’s no point going for a slow run, or a short run, right?). Then my knee would hurt. I’d give it another week or so, then repeat the process. Clearly, I needed some help and advice.

A physio gave me some exercises, and also suggested I do the ‘Couch to 5k’.

What?? That’s for really unfit people. I’m not unfit, I can easily run 5k! Oh yes, except when I try, it really hurts….

I saw the sense in what she was suggesting. My ego screamed ‘Noooooo’.

So, I gave it a go. Well, I downloaded it. Then I realised I did need to do it, despite my ego trying to stop me.

You know what? It’s great! It is paced so well, right from the start. I’m enjoying it immensely; I get out for a run, three times a week. I’m gradually progressing, and my knee isn’t hurting. Now that my ego has sat down and shut up, I can just get on and enjoy the progress I’m making, feeling fitter and pain free again.

Where is your ego stopping you? What could you do, if your ego wasn’t telling you not to?

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