Should we all be on HRT?

It is great that there has been so much more information and discussion recently about the menopause. These really are conversations that we need to keep having.

HRT has been in the news recently, with suggestions that we should all be on it as soon as we hit our mid forties; but like with most things in my experience there isn’t an easy, one-size-fits-all answer.

Maybe you have tried HRT but found you didn’t get on with it.

Maybe you haven’t felt like you could get the help and information you needed, or perhaps you found that your GP wasn’t as knowledgeable, supportive and helpful as you would have liked.

Perhaps you’re still uncertain about the pros and cons of medication for what is, after all, a natural process of moving from one stage of life to another, just as we all did through puberty.

It is a very personal decision, that has to take into account your medical history, your symptoms and beliefs around health and medication.

Talking through your options in a safe space, feeling empowered to find out more information and ask the right questions, and learning powerful decision making tools to help choose the right options at the right times of you are all things I love to help women with!

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