My Story – cw

At the beginning of the year I felt normal and good and like I was finally moving at a pace where I could keep up with.

Then out of nowhere I was nocked off my routine and crippled with these symptoms with no explanation, not sleeping, not wanting to engage, workload getting on top of me you name it I couldn’t get back on track.

Doctors said there was nothing wrong or that they couldn’t find the reason as to why I was feeling this way.

I spoke to someone at work and through a wellbeing coach I was able to start my journey into realising why these symptoms were stopping me from living my best life and now I understand that my coaching journey must begin.

I had a car accident in 2019 which has left my body with trauma and anxiety, so now I am moving my journey to coaching to tackle my anxiety and trauma.

Not all symptoms are straight forward and in plain sight and I struggled to find someone to listen to find the source of my symptoms. but by using coaching and talking to the right person I was able to identify and start to work through issues to get myself back on track.

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