Are you looking for ways to improve your life?

Many people nowadays feel there are areas of their life that they need help with; whether in your personal, family or work life, or regarding sports or other areas of performance, I can help you to be the best you can be.

I provide a range of services to work with you as an individual; or to work with your child or the whole family together.

Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching – which is right for me?

Therapy is the process of healing problems that originate in the past, from our life experience and conditioning. Hypnotherapy uses states of relaxation and hypnosis to achieve this healing and allow you to move forwards in your life in a positive way.  It is very effective when used alongside NLP techniques and may include elements of coaching. It can often provide a basis for further coaching to achieve those outcomes you want to achieve. Issues such as anxiety, panic and phobias, and long-term habits or conditions (including sleep issues) respond very well to hypnotherapy.

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